Excellence in Education Awards

Rewarding the Best of D'Evelyn High School

J.B. loved education. Nothing seemed to please him more than the opportunity to read and learn. Jamin's high school graduation speech was a tribute to the teachers involved in his life and learning, starting in his elementary years and continuing through high school. It was this love for learning that propelled him to Harvard where he reveled in the educational opportunities.

Knowing how important education was to Jamin and knowing that he sincerely felt it was his teachers who had instilled in him the love for knowledge, we have established the Jamin B. Wilson Excellence in Education Award. The purpose of these awards are to celebrate and reward exceptional public educators. Initially, the awards will be made to educators at D'Evelyn schools in Jefferson County, Colorado. It is hoped that The Jamin Fund will eventually grow to allow for expansion of these Excellence in Education Award to the entire Jefferson County School District, and potentially other school districts.

The Excellence in Education Award combines a recognition of accomplishments along with a substantial monetary gift to each recipient. The annual awards are made to individuals who have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to inspiring belief in the importance of education and learning, encouraging good citizenship and personal responsibility, and fostering high standards of achievement in learning among young people. These awards will be in the form of a monetary gift to each recipient. The full purpose of each gift will be to recognize each recipient for their high level of commitment and ability as well as to award them with a monetary gift which they may use however they desire.

Each year, nominations for the awards are taken from parents, teachers, students, school administrators and staff. A selection committee of individuals who have a history of involvement and a deep sense of dedication to education judge the nominations and choose the award recipients. Nominated individuals are judged on set criteria consistent with promoting excellence in education.