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Supporting Education
Locally & Globally
In Memory of Jamin B. Wilson

Supporting Education Locally & Globally
In Memory of Jamin B. Wilson

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jamin (Jāyman) Fund is to pass on the character traits which exemplified the life of Jamin Buchanan Wilson by encouraging each of us to live life at the highest level – with consistency, integrity, enthusiasm, wisdom and joy, while helping others.

Our Goals

  • Recognize and reward merit in education
  • Provide education growth opportunities for the underprivileged
  • Promote excellence in leadership
  • Encourage enjoyment and awe of the world in which we live

Do You Want to Help?

Would you like to help the Jamin Fund make a difference?

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The last entry in Jamin's handwritten journal – an appropriate reminder to all of us about the joys of life:

"So it’s all hands on deck; let’s unfurl the sails and follow the sun to the horizon fully enjoying this adventure that is life."

Jan. 9, 1981 - Dec. 14, 2006



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Learn About the Fund

Learn About the Fund

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News & Upcoming Events

News & Upcoming Events

Jamin Fund "Thank-You" Dinner 2020

On February 16, 2020, the Jamin Fund hosted a complementary dinner at the Ken-Caryl Ranch House in Littleton, Colorado, to properly thank those who supported the Jamin Fund over the past year. This gathering of over 50 people was a great way to reconnect with friends and family over delicious food and drink.  The new Jamin Fund website was announced, as well as the new, which is a registered outreach of the Jamin Fund that was set up to further the Jamin Fund mission.

2020 Jamin Fund Grants

In spite of the challenges in 2020, the Jamin Fund had a highly successful and memorable year with tens of thousands in grants donated to worthwhile organizations through the D'Evelyn Education Foundation and the Community Foundation of Central Blue Ridge.

Ways to Contribute

Give Online

The Jamin Fund gratefully accepts your generous contributions through the Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge, a 501(c)(3) organization, so all contributions are fully tax-deductible.

Because the Community Foundation manages the fund, their name is listed as the recipient. In order to direct your contribution properly, please be sure to type in "The Jamin Fund" in the "Designation" field.

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(above example shows how to fill out donation form after clicking on Green Button below)

Give by Check

Checks may also be made out to The Jamin Fund and mailed to the address below.

Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge
P.O. Box 815
Staunton, Virginia 24402-0815

Give your Time

The Jamin Fund is always looking for volunteers for our intiatives and managing the charity. To be added to our mailing list, please click below.

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Jamin's Vision

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You can also contribute to The Jamin Fund by purchacing a Giclee Print of "Jamin's Vision". The original oil painting from which these prints are made is an identical representation of the photo which Jamin personally took and was used at the Denver Memorial Service.

The mountain scene had captivated J.B. not long before his death, when he was traveling in Switzerland. This captivating mountain scene by artist Renee Palmer-Jones conveys lofty ideals, peaceful serenity, and dreams of grandeur.

The prints are available on canvas or matte paper, depending on size. All prints will be shipped unframed. Below are the suggested donations to The Jamin Fund for each size of print:

8 X 10 $35 (matte paper)
11 X 14 $60 (matte paper)
12 X 18 $150 (canvas)
16 X 24 $225 (canvas)
24 X 36 $595 (canvas)

If you would like to receive a print of "Jamin's Vision," please send an email to

More information about the artist, Renee Palmer-Jones, is available at