Joel Jacobson has an excellent track record of success as a D'Evelyn teacher. He has educated hundreds of D'Evelyn students in English - helping them to learn to love great literature, speak and write intelligently, and develop the necessary foundational vocabulary and grammar skills needed for success in our world. He has managed to build up the D'Evelyn Creative Writing program to secure robust interest from D'Evelyn students. These courses, while rigorous, draw among the most interest of any elective in our school! In short, he has made a great impact in the lives of many current and former D'Evelyn students.

Joel is an outstanding educator, in all facets of the word. The faculty, students, and parents are indeed fortunate to have him as an integral member of the D'Evelyn community. Congratulations to Joel for being selected as the 23rd recipient of the Excellence in Education Award. It is very well deserved!