By Ralph K. Spencer, D’Evelyn Education Foundation Board of Directors

Please take a moment to walk into D’Evelyn’s main office in the next few days, look 45 degrees to your right, and spend a minute or two admiring a new print (and an informative plaque) that adorns the north wall. This classy addition to the main office was the gift of Charlie Wilson, a member of the DEF Board of Directors, and the father of Jamin B. (J.B.) Wilson, a 1999 D’Evelyn graduate. J.B.took the original photograph of an elegant mountain skyline with some of his D’Evelyn buddies in Switzerland where he was serving as a 2LT in the U.S. Air Force. Following J.B.’s untimely 2006 death in a tragic automobile accident in Germany, artist/family friend/former D’Evelyn parent Renee Palmer-Jones rendered J.B.’s photo into a beautiful painting she named Jamin’s Vision. D’Evelyn Jr./Sr. High School has graciously accepted this print of the original painting from the Jamin Fund, a tax exempt fund established in 2007 by J.B.’s family, in memory of their beloved son. Since the plaque was donated by yet another DEF Board member, the entire D’Evelyn community will be able to enjoy this beautiful “touch of class” for years to come at no expense to DEF or the school.

The foregoing was reprinted with permission from the November 2012 edition of the Jaguar Tracks newsletter.