D’Evelyn Senior Isaiah Littlefield proudly accepted the congratulations of Principal Josh Griffin for winning the $1,000 Jamin B. Wilson Scholarship at the Senior Banquet (Banquet) on Monday evening, May 24, 2021, in the school gymnasium.  Under normal circumstances, this Banquet would have been held on the Wednesday evening preceding the May 22 graduation ceremonies.  However, with the shadow of COVID-19 looming in the background, the appropriate decision was made to have the Banquet two days following graduation, thereby significantly reducing the risk of any seniors coming down with COVID (at the Banquet) and possibly missing the graduation.  Given this scenario, another correct decision was made to follow tradition and include this year’s 24 scholarship and 4 award winners in the graduation program.  The result was that everyone who attended the Banquet already knew who this year’s winners were.  However, this knowledge did not prevent Isaiah and the other recipients from receiving enthusiastic applause (and a few cat calls!) from their classmates upon having their names announced by Principal Griffin.  It was truly a joy to behold!

Isaiah’s goal is to earn a bachelor’s degree in a not yet decided upon computer science field.  In his main essay, Isaiah described his coding ability in a unique fashion.  He wrote that he finds it “satisfying to see it work and do what I have told it to.” Robotics are especially interesting to him.  Isaiah’s History teacher, Stacey McSkimin, wrote that Isaiah “has shown a commitment to academic and intellectual growth.”  For those of you who knew Jamin, you can already see why Isaiah was destined to win this scholarship! 

Applicants for the Life-Long Learner Memorial Scholarship must respond to the following question:  What do I believe is the most significant, heartwarming, or memorable affirmation provided by Jamin’s friends and families, and how could this affirmation positively affect my future?  These affirmations are found on the JaminFund.org web site.  Isaiah selected the following quote in response to this question: “Lt. Wilson stood out in my mind for two reasons: His indomitable spirit, and his sense of humor . . . when he laughed, you wanted to laugh with him.”  Isaiah wrote in his essay that this affirmation “resonated with me due to its optimism.  It showed Wilson’s uplifted spirit in life and how he affected those around him.  If everyone lived like Lt. Wilson, the world . . . would be a better place.” Isaiah finished his essay with this down to earth prediction: “If I can even be partially like Lt. Wilson, I believe my future will be alright.”  Isaiah, I feel sure that Jamin was saluting you from wherever he was when you shook Principal Griffin’s hand at the Banquet that night!  And yes, your future is definitely going to be alright!!!

By Ralph K. Spencer, Former Parent and Current D’Evelyn Volunteer