Yeonjin (Jin) Kim was super involved in the D’Evelyn community leading Girls Mentoring. As one of the Program Leaders, she helped build the program to be the largest yet with almost 250 members. She was passionate about ensuring that mentoring was the best it could be and implemented Connection Week events for students to bond on weeks where we did not have a formal meeting. She led the leadership team with mentoring session ideas, such as tie dye day, a carnival, and a scavenger hunt. At the same time, Jin was in Student Council as the President of the Senior Class. She led the fundraising for Wish Week, which raised the largest amount ever - $20,000. Jin also volunteered her time as a leader for D’Evelyn’s Outdoor Lab program where she lived with 6th graders for a week in cabins and taught them about the outdoors. She was loved by the younger kids. Jin’s commitment to D’Evelyn has made their community a better place for all students.