2022 Jamin Fund Grants

Given through the D’Evelyn Education Foundation:

-> Excellence in Education Award to Becky Paschke.  $3,000 Grant

 -> Jamin B Wilson Life-Long Learner Memorial Scholarship given to Bradley Blakemore.  $1,000 Scholarship

Given through the Community Foundation of Central Blue Ridge:  

-> Answer Nepal - Support for law & engineering students in Nepal.  $8,000 Grant

-> Education Foundation of the Summit supports teachers’ innovative ideas for classrooms and also provides scholarships to high school students. It is based in Summit County, Colorado.  $3,000 Grant

 -> Jacob’s Ladder aids and encourages intellectually gifted, at-risk middle school through high school students to reach their full potential & become leaders equipped to help others in similar situations.  $4,000 Grant  

-> GRASP (Great Aspirations) does great work in the Staunton, VA region to help high school students apply for college and find scholarships for tuition.  $7,500 Grant 

 -> Valley Alliance for Education has amassed a tremendous record of successes in making grants to classroom teachers in need of resources to   develop new and innovative programs for students.  $7,500 Grant

-> The Allegheny Mountain Institute prepares individuals to become teachers and advocates for a food system that is environmentally, economically, and socially just.  $5,000 Grant

 -> Camp Quest provides children an educational adventure shaped by fun and free thought, which features science, natural wonder, and humanist values.  $5,000 Grant

 -> North Branch School received a Jamin Fund grant to help support a team of student engineers who qualified for a national KidWind competition. The school emphasizes a Love of Learning and critical thinking.  $3,000 Grant


Given through Jamin Fund Colorado:

 -> Grants provided through Jamin Fund Colorado generally occur late in the year and will be posted as soon as awarded.