Current Award Winners

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Amn: SrA Stephanie Whitt

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NCO: TSgt Kenneth Parker

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NCO: TSgt Rebecca Sargent

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SNCO: MSgt Corey Moore

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CGO: Capt Alfred Mitchell

Leadership Excellence Award

During his time of service at Spangdahlem AFB, Jamin was twice chosen as the quarterly award winner for his outstanding contributions to the squadron and the United States Air Force. At that time the award consisted of special recognition and an engraved trophy. The Jamin Fund has arranged for a monetary gift to be a part of each award. There are four individual recipients of the quarterly award who each receive a gift from The Jamin Fund of $100. Additionally, there are four individual recipients of the yearly award who each receive a gift from The Jamin Fund of $250. These monetary gifts are given as a means of recognizing and rewarding the men and women in our military for their dedication and exceptional performance. They are free to spend the money however they choose.

A very special thanks goes to Lt Col Kevin Bennett, Commander of the 52nd Communications Squadron, for all his work on behalf of The Jamin Fund in helping to set up and make this award a reality.

Amn= Airman NCO= Non-Commissioned Officer SNCO= Senior Non-Commissioned Officer CGO= Company Grade Officer

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