2010 Excellence in Education Awards

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Congratulations to Micah Porter and Judy Schoonmaker, who were chosen as the recipients of the 2010 Jamin B. Wilson Excellence in Education Award. Both teachers draw out the best in their students, helping them to pursue knowledge in each of their respective fields. Micah Porter teaches history and Judy Schoonmaker teaches biology.

The annual Jamin B. Wilson Excellence in Education Awards were announced at the D'Evelyn Senior Banquet. Presiding over the ceremony were Ralph Spencer, a board member of the D'Evelyn Education Foundation, and Jamin's father, Charlie Wilson. Last year's recipients, Pierre Habel and Briant McKellips, announced the 2010 award winners and spoke briefly of their qualifications. This year's recipients each received a beautiful framed plaque and a handsome desk trophy, as well as a check for $1,500.

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