Contributing to the Community Foundation

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For 22 years, hundreds of donors have built our Community Foundation endowment by establishing permanent funds or making gifts to existing funds that distribute grants, scholarships, and awards. These donors, past and present, offer their contributions to ensure that programs and causes that matter most to them will be supported today and forever.

Millions have been given and invested in projects and programs that make our community a place where people want to live, work and raise their families.

We are honored to announce a number of grants totaling $10,000 to the Community Foundation:

  • Great Aspirations Scholarship Program ($2,500)

    This program helps fund in-school advisors who assist students and parents to access post-secondary scholarship aid. Additionally this program mentors students to complete high school and prepare for the future by encouraging community service and good grades.

  • Stand By Me Mentoring Program ($5,000)

    This program provides mentoring services to youth falling behind academically or facing family or cultural barriers to success. This is done by pairing students with caring adult mentors who make a big difference in their life and remain involved with their mentee throughout their formative years.

  • Creative Classroom Grants ($2,500)

    This is a program that has been established to promote educational excellence and creative instruction by funding special student-centered projects.

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